My first blog!

Well hello world of the unknown!

I have been pondering the name of this blog for weeks now and something just came to me as I was sitting at my desk that said yes, paritaTIME you are it!!!! You will laugh when you see the paper folded in half staring at me day in and day out for some time now. You have finally manifested and I love it!

I have created this blog in hopes of showing myself and who ever chooses to stop by once in awhile how fun and random my life really is. I know i’m on a mission/search for something, now here’s the kicker… i just don’t know what it is yet. I see peculiar things, I meet very different yet fabulous people, I THINK I have uber fantastic stories… so hopefully with this blog I will unlock some mysteries, have fun and once in awhile get a little CRRAAZZYYYYYY!!!!

Woot woot,


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