Our quest of becoming health freaks – Michelle and Parita

As featured on Dragons Den http://www.cbc.ca/dragonsden ; We have surprisingly kept to our morning routine of either Holy Crap or Skinny B www.holycrap.ca. I know it may not sound or look so fabulous, but looks can be deceiving. Holy Crap especially is extra delicious, the cinnamon and apples are sooooo tasty! And best of all its a superfood that is packed with nutrients; who would’ve ever thought that organic chia, organic hulled hemp hearts, organic buckwheat would be so good!!! It is a must try for everyone, you may even get addicted!!! 😉


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  1. Nick Jaldevi says:

    I eat this everyday with my best friend. The crazy thing is it’s healthy and it’s taste great. Thanks to my best friend Parita and Wife 🙂

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