Workity Work Work

Another day at work, honestly if I didn’t have my girls here it just wouldn’t be the same.

Linda (bottom left): our young entrepreneur on the brink of something big, a girl with absolutely no filter, always willing to share her asian delights, soups, tea and her heart awwhhhhhh

Tawny (top left): a rasta at heart, radio diva (  every tuesday at 6:30pm) full of inspiration, hot red head book worm, favorite activity starfishing galore!!!!

Michelle (top right): my other bestie (besides the hubby), a lover of food, yoga princess, always has the best nails, great stories, not to mention a pretty cute fiance, my go to girl for everything and did I mention lover of food?!?!?!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. JP says:

    Woooooo… Love this blog

  2. Michelle says:

    I love you Parita!!

    I’m so excited to creep everything you do!

    JK – So proud of you


  3. smallbiztime says:

    Loving this!

    Will be joining you on this blog~!

    xo – Lindy

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