Can the City of Toronto really decide what the exterior of our house looks like??? Apparently they can…

I received this email regarding a home owner of 20 years who tried to fight back unwanted graffiti artists by taking action themselves.  They decided to paint a mural on their home and thought why not promote their small start-up at the same time.

Read the email below and hopefully Torontonians can show some love and we can manifest a more favorable outcome!

Dear Parita Time.

I have a beautiful mural on the side of my building, and the city of Toronto says it needs to be removed due to a city bi-law. After a constant battle with sloppy graffiti tags, and having to pay to get them removed, I had the mural done to promote my small start-up. Since then, no unwanted graffiti has been tagged. The city has asked me to remove this piece of art by Feb 10th 2012, and I’d like to throw a “Going Away” party for it on Sunday Feb 5th 2012 from 10am-12pm, and have people come take pictures of the art before it gets painted over (tentatively Jan 8th – Jan 9th).

This really sheds light on the affect that unwanted graffiti has, both visually and financially, on property owners downtown. I’d like to invite you and anyone that would like to attend for February 5th between 10am-12pm for some hot chocolate, and goodbyes.

I have attached photos of the mural to this email.  This painting is located at 904 Dundas Street West, Toronto, Ontario.


Linda Lee

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