Think Yourself Thin

Today Michy and I went to see Paul McKenna talk on his book Think Yourself Thin. It was a very different approach to all the regular dieting fads out there. Instead of watching your calorie or carb intake, its watching your thoughts on food intake. He teaches you how to control your addictions, but still enjoy and eat whatever your heart desires in moderation. His book also contains a hypnosis CD to make the process “easier”! Well i’m going to start with the tips given during the seminar if it toodles my fancy I might jump on the Paul McKenna boat!


1) Eat everytime you are hungry.

2) Chew each bite 20 times.

3) Between every bite put down all utensils and appreciate each and every taste/flavor in your mouth.

4) Listen to when your body tells you that you are full.

4) And Most importantly SLOW DOWN!

Bon Appetit!


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