One of those days…

Today is one of those days where i’m missing my BFF… Tear! Isa use to work with me a while back, I actually had the pleasure of sitting right across from her. No matter how une horrible the day she could always put a smile on my face! Those people are really hard to come by, one in a million some would say! Now all I have left is her old calculator, heart star tear! Isa, dancing party soon?!?


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  1. Isa says:

    I LOVE YOU PARI! You always brighten my day, as you have just done 🙂 thanks sweet muffin! And I love that you left the note on your new calculator! Hugs and love xxxi

    1. Isa says:

      *thanks muffin! You’re a sweet heart! (missed a few words in there!)
      LUNCH DATE SOON followed by a roadie walk home please! 🙂

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