Yesterday the girls and I got to celebrate Pankisha’s birthday and pre-wedding celebration! Boy oh boy did we let our bodies indulge to the max. First and foremost we headed to the famous Grazie (in Vaughan-despite the rumors that it wasn’t as delicious as Yonge/Egg, although I disagree it was ummm ummm goood – minus service was definitely not up to par). Just an FYI, hands down the bestest ever dish the Torino, rosee sauce made spicy! Slurpity slurp slurp!!!

Then we headed over to my new found love Menchies! I have no clue how I have never been introduced to to this before but its the best DIY frozen yogurt joint. Any flavored yogurt you want and toppings galor! And best part you get stickers and the coolest spoons ever with every order! More pictures to come!

P.S Menchies attracts celebrity up the who-ha! The walls are covered with pictures, especially… Wait for it… The Kardashian sisters!!!! LOOK OUTTTT!!!!


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