Tempt One

This story on Tony “Tempt One” Quan is such an inspiring story to read, especially on Monday when we all seem to have those thoughts of… what the HecklaIslandam I doing here?  Tony is truly an example of if you find something you love to do, nothing can hold you back.  When you have the drive and passion to make a difference the way you want to in this world, not even your physical body can hold you down!  This man is bed ridden and still following his dreams, this really makes me wonder.

I often think to myself am I doing everything I am suppose to be doing?  What is holding me back to be at my full potential and being truthfully happy? At this point, I’m always quick to make excuses as to why I think this isn’t really attainable.  I’m always reading books to help me find myself, my calling, the reason I was put on this earth, blah blah blah… but after watching this video I’m wondering do I already know why I’m here and too scared to jump into it?

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