Little Inspirations – Arrian Sharma

What a great way to start World Happy Day!!!!!!!!!

This morning I came across this story written by a very proud mother about her inspirational, 4 year old boy named Arrian Sharma.  I always knew that Arrian’s family strongly believed in good morals and ethics, as it has always been very clear throughout the years how his parents have tried to raise him and his baby brother. Obviously their hard work has truly paid off.  I really don’t need to say too much as this story truly speaks for itself.

“Had an amazing experience with Arrian today….we went to get a hair cut and Arrian told the hair dresser he got a box from school to collect money for the sick kids who live in the hospital (Leukemia foundation) . He told her he was going to go from room to room in our house to collect money so they could get better. The hair dressers eyes welled up and she got a zip lock bag and placed all her tips in it. She gave it to Arrian and announced in the salon that he was collecting money for sick children. He went from person to person and collected a bag full of money from 10 strangers. A kiss on the forehead for all our little ones, if we could harness their innocence we could maybe cure cynicism, poverty and possibly cancer….” – Sonia Sharma


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