Epitome of Love

Let the cheese begin!!!

I am a true believer in soul mates and the idea of serendipity, knowing and understanding that we are where we are suppose to be right now. Love really does have this funny way of creeping up on us when we least expect it and presenting us with opportunities that can change our lives forever. Pankita and Jenish found what people search their entire lives for; true, real, fierce, everlasting love.

Today I was very lucky to witness and take part in such a momentous occasion, the union of bestfriends for a lifetime and then some. I knew the very second I meant my husband that he was my home, my best friend from 8 million lives over. The way we look at eachother has never changed from the minute we met to right this very second (when i’m not typing obviously) and when we see that in other couples we know they have hit the love jackpot. Chaching!!!! These two definitely have.

The minute anyone see’s these two love birds together you will understand the epitome of love.

Heart, star.




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