Google Gobble Google

Happy Monday Friends!

This morning is one of those days where I woke up on the right side of the bed. The sun is shining bright, there is no cold weather forecasted for the week, there is so much love in the air with Valentines Day right around the corner, The Bachelor is on tonight, Khloe and Lam Lam start this Sunday (finally!!!!), were moving into our new house oh so very soon, basically everything seems to be spiraling exactly how it needs to be right now.

I find myself appreciating the most smallest weirdest things. Example, waking up and not having to do my hair this morning, knowing what we’re having for dinner tonight, the never ending supply of hand sanitizer at my desk, the customized Google homepage… etc.

Who would have guessed that Google could have any impact on my day but check out these bad boys below! As long as you have logged in once to Google it will customize what ever your heart desires every other time you open it for that day! You want a zebra… they got a zebra! How about a frog… ribbit ribbit, they got that too! In love and want to put you and your lovers picture up, ohhhh hayyyy that’s an option too!!! Totally Funzys!!!! A must for everyone!!!!!

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