peche pomme poire – MAKE SURE YOUR SPEAKERS ARE ON!

God I love this YouTube!!! Took this while I was playing around and realized that you can dub in fun music like PECHE POMME POIRE, I didn’t know this song before today but now its stuck in my head! You can do so much with your videos!  If you don’t have an account already, its just a click away… damn that sounded like a infomerical.

Just for fun here are the words for Peche Pomme Poire in English and French if you want to sing along… because who wouldn’t want to?!

Pêche, Pomme, Poire, Abricot
Pêche, pomme, poire, abricot
Y’en a une, y’en a une
Pêche, pomme, poire, abricot
Y’en a une qui est en trop
C’est l’abricot qui est en trop.
Peach, Apple, Pear, Apricot
Peach, apple, pear, apricot
There is one, there is one,
Peach, apple, pear, apricot,
There is one too many,
It’s the apricot that’s too many.

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