Here Fishy Fishy


Today Isa and I thought we would go check out my new local sushi pad. When we first walked in I must say we weren’t so impressed by the loud drills and ruckus BUT as it always does while we’re together magically the men doing the work thought they would take a dinner break. Is that luck or what?!?

We got some all you could eat delicious sushi for $18.95 WITH 15% off just because that is how fabulous they are. Overall verdict great place, delicious food, amazing staff and of course the most fun and prettiest girl ever was my date!!! Wooaahhhh!!!!!

So if anyone is ever in the area (Rutherford and Weston) and craving some sushi, holla at your girl!!!!!

This calls for a sushi poem 🙂

Tonight I’m going, if you please
Out to eat like Japanese
On each and every single dish
Will be a serving of raw fish
Good enough to make you cry
Tuna, eel and octopi
I’ll be cool, so not cocky
As I sip a cup of good hot sake
And drink a few ice cold Asahi
Munching on some sliced up mahi
Wasabi, ginger and sauce of soy
Make Asian eating such a joy
Top it off with a frozen dream
A bowl of green tea ice cream
Life for me is keen and peachy
Tonight I’m eating at Kenichi


Heart, star.


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