Come to Jesus/Krishna/Allah/Buddha Moment!

Today as I was walking to work, like every Monday – getting the work ball rolling I looked up in the sky and caught this GORGEOUS picture of what I would like to now refer to as my “Come to Jesus/Krishna/Allah/Buddha Moment!”  My face literally went from the pic on the right to how you would imagine:


I really couldn’t catch the whhoppaa face but I must say my mind is going wild with all these happy thoughts.  Who wouldn’t be afterseeing a red flower made from the sky? COME ON! 

Weirdly enough after having this moment I have decided anything is possible, ANYTHING!  First thing on the agenda, I would like to have a dimple on my cheek every time I smile and/or talk.  You know how there are always those cute girls who have those oh so pretty dimples.  I would like one please. 🙂

Random I know, but hey Universe i’m throwing it out there!

Heart, star.

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