Wine Butler

Yesterday we got to do some bottling of wine with the Wine Butler here in Toronto.  I’m not going to lie, originally when we thought about the experience of making wine, we pictured  getting down right dirty with grape stomping… not so much the case.  The very first step, which I may add the most uneventful, putting a pack a yeast in the mix.  Yup, that is it!  Our face was shocked when we did this originally, SAY WHAT?!?!?

8 weeks later = yesterday, the fun part… Bottling!  Best part of this process you get to drink the wine you made as you bottle.  This time we made Gewurztraminer (which I still cannot pronounce for the life of me) and let me tell you it was deliciooouuusssss!!!!!  It really is a fun experience to have, there was a lot of laughs, jokes and memories galore.  We’ve already put our next pack of yeast in!  We were lucky to get one of those fab online deals so we got 30 bottles for $70.00, deal and a half!

Check out their site:

Remember fun is free.  Heart, star. 🙂


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