Frozen Yogurt Popper Treat Thingymabobbers

As I opened the fridge I noticed we had a container of fruit yogurt that was soon to be expired and I thought how the heck are we going to eat this so quickly? Then I remembered something fun I saw on Pinterest! Frozen Yogurt Popper Treat thingmabobbers! So simple, yet so fun! Here’s how its done.

1) You’ll need yogurt, wax paper, a baking pan and a ziplock bag.

2) Fill the ziplock bag with yogurt, cut an edge off.

3) Easy peezy from there. Squeeze and move, squeeze and move, squeeze and move… etc.

4) Put in the freezer with love.

5) Rub your tum tum and waity wait wait for frozen pieces of heaven.

Remember fun is free! Heart, star.






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