I couldn’t help myself!


All of a sudden I am a Rihanna fan gone wild! You will notice from all my recent post its RiRi funzy mania. So yesterday when I came home from work, my Mr. Man surprised me with Apple TV! Say what?!?!?! So basically I can get my iPhone and iPad on the TV, therefore I was able to take advantage of the uber loud speakers to its fullest. I couldn’t help myself! Soon as I got home I put the video on (below) and danced like I was one of her back up dancers. And I’m not going to lie, I hit repeat a couple of times. And yes that is me singing my heart out down there. Dancing and singing is so under rated! Round two tonight.

Apple TV, best investment ever!  So much you can do with that bad boy.

Thanks hubba hubba. 🙂

Heart, star.

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