#foodtruckeats end result = DELICIOUS


Well well well, today was an adventure and a half. I have been anxiously awaiting #foodtruckeats and today was the day from 11:00am to 2:00pm at Bay and Adelaide. I was pumped, tummy rumbling, ready to get my eat on. Twitter started blowing up around 12:00pm that line ups were starting to form, so I jumped on that.

Let me tell you, thank God I put my comfy shoes on, it was crazy!!!!! All four food trucks had massive line ups. Now obviously I start reliving Eat. St (from the Food Network) and began loving every moment of it. The lines, the smell, the mouth watering, savoury but different lunchable foods… who could go wrong?!?! Well, unfortunately it took me a little over an hour of waiting in line in chilly ma nilly weather to actually get my food in my hand. On Eat. St they never wait that long, what the heckla!

But let’s all remember you have to start somewhere, and this was the kick off and there was bound to be some hiccups. I ended up ordering the BBQ Pulled Chicken Sliders from The Toasted Tangerine and it was DELICIOUS. It was the perfect amount of pulled chicken, BBQ sauce, pineapple habanero coleslaw with warm toasty buns. Ummm ummm um!

So would I try it again?

Absolutely yes!!!!!

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