Epitome of Inspiration


I read Seema’s blog yesterday and the moment I had  read every post from top to bottom I knew I had to share this.  With Seema’s permission I am blogging about this today.

By looking at the first couple of pictures Seema and her family look picture perfect.  She is beyond beautiful, a handsome husband and a cutesy paatootsey daughter.  Now the more you scroll down you will see the stages in this Toronto familys life that will help you understand what they are going through right now.  Seema was diagnosed with cancer or as she calls it “Big C” and is now in the process of her chemo treatments.  Each one of her posts takes you through her thoughts, her pain, her bad days and her good days.  As I was reading her story your body goes through this feeling, its hard to even explain… but you will understand soon enough.

There is so much you can take away from her story.  It is very evident that her husband is her backbone as she is his in different instances.  Her daughter is such an understanding child at such a young and fragile age.  She was definitely brought onto this earth for Seema.  I like to refer to children like her as earth angels.  This family is truly the epitome of true love and soul mates.

What you take away from reading her story is priceless.  It is so cliche to say, but living every day to its fullest and appreciating and taking every moment that is given to us in is truly a gift.

To read Seema’s blog please visit http://cmatalks.com/ and make sure you read from the bottom up.

Heart, star.


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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you for sharing this Pari….its beautiful and inspirational.

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