Lady Danger

This week I thought I would be good to myself and my wallet and take breakfast, lunch and tea for myself every day. Today is Wednesday and I’m going strong. So far I would like to believe that I have saved $14 x 3 = $42! Brup Brup!!!

I figured since I’ve been saving money up the huuu haaa lately, I deserve a treat. In the effort of treating myself in a cost effective away I thought I would take my recyclable MAC makeup from home and get me a free lipstick. Now I know by looking at the pictures this Lady Danger hotness lipstick looks a little like the color I usually wear. But this color has a bit more brightness and orangey tinge to it. PLUS, it’s called Lady Danger. It’s a great color for the summer. I could feel it in my bones when I tried it on. Must for the summer ladies! Best part – FREEBIE!

Now, unfortunately Forever 21 is right beside MAC and I was sucked in by the shopping Gods and I could not help myself when I saw these heart embellished shorts that were only $23.80. #winning

So all in all I’m still in the positives $42.00 – $23.80 = $18.20

It’s a good start…

Heart, star.

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