Love BANG-le

I still remember a couple years back, Ardene’s had this crazy buy one get ten free sale…. Maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but you get my point. While in the process of moving I came across my huge bag of jewelry that has gone untouched for the last two years… minimum. But with me having a tad bit of the hoarding bug in me, I refused to give it away for those ‘just in case’ or ‘what if’ situations. Well well well, I just came across a just in case situation team! While I was visiting I found this fab idea for me to try this week. And I think I MAY, just MAY have everything at home. Woot woot!

 Pictures to follow!

Heart, star.

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2 thoughts on “Love BANG-le

  1. missflamboyante says:

    Great idea – will share this on my facebook!

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