While riding on the train to work this morning, I felt some espanol inspiration! I have these days where I just feel it in my bones and can’t help myself and just need to get my train dance (small, kind of discrete little dance movements) on. And today was one of those days ladies and gentlemen.

Hit of the Day: Señorita an Indian/Spanish Fusion

Not only is this song authentic in both languages it just makes you want to WOOT WOOT DANCE. Makes the pelvic area start moving baby.

Since I had no clue what they were saying… I Googled that bad boy, obviously!

Check it out, ahhhhhhhhh romance/pelvic thrusting!

Heart, star.

Who are you?
Where have you been?
I’ve moved the heaven and the earth but I couldn’t find you
But you arrive today,
So suddenly,
and you give meaning to my whole life with your love.

I didn’t understand, I don’t know
Whatever you have said to me Senorita
But then also, I don’t know why
After listening, I have a good feeling

Don’t look away
Stay close to me

Wrap me in your arms
Do you understood senorita?

Even if we get two moments of love
in world, is this also less
Come for two moments lets get lost

We forgot what sorrow is, senorita
Listen listen , what we say senorita

I will never
The meaning of word you dedicate to me

The warmth
Of your gaze
Makes me feel like the most beautiful señorita.

There is only one language in the whole world, senorita



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