Chain me up Baby!


While doing a bit of screen shopping on Etsy yesterday, I came across some incredibly trexy (trendy + sexy) body chains. I couldn’t help myself, I had to get one. I feel like it will definitely be another great summer piece to have. I thought I would start with something simple and if all goes well I can spice it up with some heavier chains later. This will totally be my go to when I’m feeling like some spice. Wearing jeans and a tank top? Oh hayyyyyyy throw a chain on that! So fresh, so clean!

 Here’s where I ordered my fab find (picture #1 below) from: VintageMadeByDucky:

 Can’t wait to share some pics when I get it!!!

 Heart, star.

Source: via D on Pinterest

Source: via Ariella on Pinterest



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  1. Now this is a cool new trend! Love them! You just tempted me to go buy one:) I sooo love the idea of body jewelry, like u said – they can so easily style up & glam an outfit. Lovely post x

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