DIY Peekaboo Top

This top took literally 5 minutes to do! It really is as easy as it looks. So puuurrfect when you have one of those days when your staring at your closet with absolutely nothing to wear!

– fold material over
– draw/cut neck hole
– cut 1 1/2′ from each side to create arm holes, 7′ down from the top
– sew up the sides
– all done!!

Easy peezy beautiful paritaTIME girl!

Heart, star.




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3 thoughts on “DIY Peekaboo Top

  1. Tawny says:

    I love everything about this/you

  2. […] now i’m thinking I should do more DIY with lace like this one now It only makes sense and its such easy material to work with.  Food for […]

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