hoot and HOLLA


At least once a month I like to do the exact same search on YouTube “babies laughing” and do some good ol’ giggling.  Because we all know laughing never goes out of style, no matter how old you are.  Me and the hubba bubba love to hold the bellys and laugh like its no ones business!   A couple laughing tears are even funnier! <-yes that word doesn’t exist but was well needed there!  Now babies laughing is the icing on the cake, little bundles of joy chuckling for the most simple or silliest things.  If only everyday was a hoot and HOLLA like these videos. 

Laughing is our medicine, buh bye Advil and Tylenol!

Heart, star.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Arvind. says:

    Pari & Nilesh looks like we will adding this to our activity list once a week.

    1. Parita says:

      WARNING: it becomes addictive!

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