paritaTIME Magic!

I know it’s been awhile my friends, but boy oh boy has it been crazy! So much going on with the summer in full swing right now. For those who are not in Toronto, we are going through a crazy heat wave right now and it’s an intense one. As you walk… you feel like you are about to pass out!

Now I go through these moments of “finding myself” on a very regular basis – which my husband can attest to! Most recently I have given myself a bit of Parita time -> no pun intended! Got me up to speed with me, got my grill cleaned and polished, officially up to date with my family physician check ups – got news of some really low iron I apparently have.

This is when I realized its time to take a step back and get my health into check checkity ckeck. LUCKILY TODAY – Groupon had this great deal for Yoga, 3 months unlimited access $69.00 and close to home! YEHAW! Step one, done and done!

Secondly I was speaking with my lovely gal pal Priya yesterday and she had mentioned this life changing book The Magic by Rhonda Byrne, SAMESY’s as The Secret! A read that I am obsessed with and honestly feel that it has sculpted my life in many ways in the last couple of years. I have read some testimonials online and did a sneak peak read online and although it seems a tad bit similar to The Secret, it seems like their may be a lot more lessons to learn. The Magic seems to be a bag of tricks! Abara Kadabra kazoo lets see what I can do! Step two, done and done! Time for some new inspiration and attracting! Lessons to come I’m sure!

Heart, star.

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