Tissue ASAP!


So we are back from vacay and boy oh boy are we sun kissed!

Good story to share with you, as we were emptying our suitcases I thought lets throw on some Oprah.  Yesterday featured Carrie Underwood; now as I’m sure we all know by now I’m not a country music follower but the SECOND I started hearing the words to Mama’s song by miss Carrie here… the water works started.

Now for the children who don’t live as close to your parents as you would hope, we tend to have those days where we just miss our family like crazy.  Its been awhile since I’ve been home,  so one of these episodes was bound to be coming soon but OH MAN this song turned me into a wreck.

Here’s to another addiction, Miss Carrie Underwood.

Heart, star.

P.S Watch the video!!!!!!

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