Magic Carpet Ride

I bought The Magic a couple weeks ago but while on the train this morning I started my journey to abundance and manifestation.  Yup pure cheese, but I am a firm believer in The Secret (sister books) by Rhonda Byrne, Law of Attraction, and have tried to live my life accordingly.  But its just not that easy…

So why I love this book!  It takes 28 days to make or break a habit. The Magic gives you 28 practises (1 per day) to do to establish a way of living to constantly attract a whole bunch of postiveness, abundance and happiness into your life.  Who doesn’t want that?!?  Now just food for thought, when I first moved to Toronto I tried to make a constant effort to live my life this way and boy oh boy was I truly seeing and experiencing miracles right before my eyes.  Best way to look at it, the world is your catalogue, you can pick and choose what you want.  Put it out there with the universe, don’t worry about the “how”, just put it out there!

My plan is to take you through my journey everyday with hopes that you join in!  I obviously recommend reading the book as well, but this is a good sneak peak.  First things first, I have just completed a list of my dreams.  What I want in my life.  You need to write this down (be really specific), this way you know what you are manifesting! Then, when it appears in your life… cross it off and add more! But I can’t stress enough, be as specific as possible.

I will be starting (Day 1) tomorrow but the main lesson is give thanks and LOTS OF IT!  Today while walking from the train to my office, I found myself saying to myself a lot of “thank you for the beautiful weather, thank you for this woman with a fab outfit beside me for giving me some new inspiration, thank you for the light turning green, thank you thank you thank you.”  I have approximately a 15 min walk and I did it the entire way and am still doing it now!  Try it, feels great! Great way to start the day.

Thanks for reading!!!

Heart, star.

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