The Magic: Day 1 – Count your Blessings

Happy Wednesday friends!

So I was a little ill the last couple of days so I thought I would start step 1 with a clean bill of health. The bill is in and it is clean! So just a heads up, if you are in the middle of this fab transformation with me if by any chance you miss a day in order to create this habits and embed them into your system its important to go three steps back to get your body and mind on track again.

Day 1: Count your blessings!

Today is as easy as it sounds. Write down 10 things you are grateful for and why. Now once you have written all ten down, reread them either out loud or in your head and after everyone repeat the magic words three times: thank you thank you thank you. Ahhhhhhhhhh

Now every day for 28 days you will add ten more things you are thankful for and repeat the exercise. It is crazy how many things we should be thankful for! Here’s my list:

  1. I am so happy and grateful for my husband, because I got to marry by best friend, I get to wake up to him every morning, come home to him every day and fall asleep in his arms. I am the luckiest girl alive.
  2. I am truly blessed to have my parents because they have always been my two best friends, my back bone, my everything. They have raised me to be a strong and independent woman, and for that I will be forever grateful.
  3. I am truly grateful for having my dream house. Not only do we have a roof over our head but we are surrounded by beautiful things all around us that make our home our very own sanctuary.
  4. With all my heart thank you for Sai Baba because he has always stayed by my side. Been there through all the good and bad and ensured that I stayed on my feet and was strong.
  5. I am truly blessed to have food to eat every day because not everyone on this earth is as blessed to have nourishment at their finger tips.
  6. I am so happy to have my eyes because the gift of sight is beautiful. Being able to see the beautiful colors, people and animals that Mother Nature has put on this earth is amazing.
  7. I am so happy and grateful for today because everyday is a gift.
  8. I am truly grateful for Sai and Baba (our turtles) because they are always lively and active and have brought many good blessings since arriving home.
  9. With all my heart thank you for my health because I feel great and energetic everyday.
  10.  I am thankful and appreciative of my creative abilities because it allows me to express myself in different ways.

Heart, star.



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