The Magic: Day 2 – The Magic Rock

Good evening friends!!!

Todays an easy one in our Magic side of things. First things first though, this morning I went over my list of my wants that I created before Day 1 and added ten more fabulous things I appreciate to my blessings. Every point I went through on both lists I ensured that I really truly appreciated it with everything in me and followed it up with a thank you thank you thank you!

Todays homework was a fun one for me since we all know my love for stones. The task was to find one rock (smooth, without sharp edges – which I clearly did not follow) to put by our bedside. Every night, starting today, we need to hold this stone and think long and hard of what we are most grateful for that day or the best thing that happened to us and by doing so you remember all the fab and rad things that happened that day. And follow it up with the thank you! Of course!!!!

Now why did I pick a sharp not so round stone? Soon as I read this chapter my heart told me clear quartz stone and I had to listen to that smarty pants! Its always right! A clear quartz stone is basically the master of all master stones. It has the ability to amplify energy and thoughts. This just goes hand and hand with eachother!

Recap: Go over all lists created so far, add ten more blessings and follow up with thank yous x 3! Find a stone, place by your bedside and for the next 26 night remember your best thing of the day and appreciate your little heart out!

Time to start some gratitude. Goodnight friends. Until tomorrow. Thank you for the read!

Heart, star.


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