The Magic: Day 3 – Magical Relationships


Today’s exercise is another good one! Pick three people you are grateful for. Find a picture, stare long and hard and let yourself feel why you are so thankful for them, then write down the five things you are most grateful for! Ensure that you look at each of their pictures three times today and say thank you to them! Not only will that strengthen the relationship it helps you to see beyond any faults they may have. (Not that these two have any of those, these three are beyond perfect – its just what the book said!!)

My Hubba Bubba

  • Thank you Nilesh, for spoiling me rotten everyday.
  • Thank you Nilesh, for making me laugh louder, harder and more often.
  • Thank you Nilesh, for being my #1 dance partner.
  • Thank you Nilesh, for cooking the most delicious meals in town.
  • Thank you Nilesh, for the cuddling! My favorite thing in the world to do!

 My Brother from another Mother

  • Thank you Ajay, for being by my side the minute you were placed on this earth.
  • Thank you Ajay, for being my bro-ski! Going through so many ups and downs and helping each other through everything!
  • Thank you Ajay, for your random text messages that always put a huge smile on my face.
  • Thank you Ajay, for always being honest and real.
  • Thank you Ajay, for loving me! KASHYAP!

My Gorgeous Sister

  • Thanks you Shazia, for being my bestest friend for the last 13 years!
  • Thank you Shazia, for getting me ready the day of my wedding and just being by my side the entire time.
  • Thank you Shazia, for your beautiful nature. You constantly influence me to better myself and want to do more and be more. Even if its through me creeping your Facebook and Instagram pictures.
  • Thank you Shazia, for the endless dancing and singing we’ve done together for years.
  • Thank you Shazia, for understanding me. Sounds simple, but it has been very rare in my lifetime to find people who just get me. And you always have. I love you.

 Don’t forget your to Count Your Blessings and Magic Rock tonight!!!!!

 Heart, star.

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