The Magic: Day 4 – Magical Health

Today was a nice exercise. I did it while lying in bed first thing this morning and had a fabulous day. I went over my desires, counted and added to my blessings and then moved on to my Health. This actually makes you really appreciate the things we take for granted every day. Basically I went through my body and thank you thank you thank you’d (yup, made up my own word again) for everything it does for me everyday. From my arms, to my legs, to my senses: one by one appreciating each of its fabulous functions!

Then we need to write down “The gift of health is keeping me alive” somewhere we constantly see for today to remind ourselves of todays lesson.  Since we were heading to the park I inked myself up! Easy Peezy!

Great day! So happy to be where I am! Life is great.

Heart, star.


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