DIY Ombre – I finally did it!!!

I finally had the courage to do it and all it cost was $14.99 and 30 minutes of my time! The pictures don’t really catch the actual color but not to toot my own horn but ohhhh weee it looks good! TOOT TOOT! I’m still debating if I should go a bit lighter, but think i’ll ride this wave for a bit, plus I think it may get lighter over time.

Here’s what I did:
1) Buy any ol’ bleech, prepare and part your hair in half like below.
2) Start by placing bleech at the bottom 2 inches of your tips and patiently wait.
3) Once you see the color changing add some more bleech above the original and massage in.
4) Keep on working your way up until you have your desired look.
5) Wash and dry.
6) Feel fabulous!

NOTE: Once everything is washed out of your hair, it may look as though it didn’t work BUT don’t be fooled. Dry your mane and oh nelly you will see what fabulousness you’ve created!

Uhhh Waaa! Have fun!

Heart, star.





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4 thoughts on “DIY Ombre – I finally did it!!!

  1. […] I was loving the ombre look that I had going on, BUT it wasn’t the color I was originally aiming for. So I thought I would try one more time. The fact that it is sooo easy to do, just make it that much more funzy to try! Here’s the link from my original post, if you get tempted like me AGAIN! […]

  2. Susan R says:

    Any idea of the actual make/color of the bleach you used? Going to do this for a friend with similar hair. Help! Looks beautiful!

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