I’m a flop, hand me an oversized top!


Today is definitely one of those days. Woke up on time, scrambled to get ready, left the house late, got to work kinda not on time. Now I just went to the washroom, saw myself and I am not feeling the most fabulousness by any means. I’m just missing that Parita Wabaam! Now if you see me on the streets on a regular non-work apparel day, my trademark easily would be oversized fun VERY comfortable top with leggings or crazy mcDaisy pants. And today is one of those days, I wish I could reach in my drawer and with my magical fingers like David Cooperfield pull out an oversized shirt like the ones below.

Ohhh you silly Tuesday! Hurry up and bring me Friday.

Heart, star.

Source: alixrose.com via Eliza on Pinterest

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