Squash Mi Amor

Okay on Dr. Oz today I saw a recipe for Squash Pasghetti (-> what I call spaghetti) and I was intrigued to try. And let me tell you IT WAS DELICIOUS!! I tricked my hubby into a try and he loved it and almost fell off his chair when he found out it was squash. You would never guess. Its like crunchy perfect little fabulousnesses in your mouth. Best part, my entire meal was all vegetables! Heres how I made it!

Spaghetti Squash
Cherry Tomatoes
Safflower Oil
Sea Salt
Chilli Pepper Cube
Olive Oil

1) Place squash in boiling water for approximately half an or until you can stick a fork in it! <- hahahaha!!! Yowsers one of those days!
2) Drain the water, let the squash cool down.
3) Chop the top off and the yellow delicious veggie in half. Scoop out the seeds and once again stick a fork in it! and comb down to create a spaghetti sensation. Done and done!
4) In a sauce pan mix together olive oil, chilli pepper cube, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, onions and oregano till the smell just toodles your nose buds!
5) Place the mix onto a bed of your healthy spaghetti and top with safflower oil! (Tip: apparently a couple of tsp’s of safflower oil a day breaks down stomach fat. Who the heck would of guessed. Google it!!!)
6) Top with some Corriander garnish and yummy in my tummy.

Enjoy and hello skinny!!!

Heart, star.











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