I dare to share how I got thicker hair!

I’ve had some readers message me recently asking if i’ve done something with my hair since its been looking bigger and thicker. Well well well… I have!

My mother had introduced me to these uber amazing iron supplements that I like to call the miracle grower! I have taken iron supplements before but have never noticed anything as noticeable as this. Now to be honest, the doctor had recently brought to my attention that my iron was very very low, so originally my intentions were strictly for health reason and the VA VA VOOM hair has been a great bonus. *twinkle* Since taking these magical bad boys i’ve noticed that i’m no longer tired as much and i’m energy 911 mania! You really can’t go wrong.

So here’s the secret… The supplement is called FeraMAX 150 and is available only over the counter. Now it is a tad bit pricey BUT it just works so freakin well!!!! Hello Beyonce hair! One pill a day before I hit the sack and that is it. Woot Wooot!

FYI, I am not a doctor, this is just my opinion, but you don’t have to take my word for it. <~ reading rainbow, remember?!?

Heart, star.



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  1. Hey! Because I love your blog so much I just nominated you for The One Lovely Blog Award!!! For more details go to this link:
    Take care!!! Dana Cristina. xoxo

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