I’m a Sucker for Pocket Squares!

Now this is more of a manly post for sure, but I am a fan of the squares in the pocket. I really think it completes any outfit. This fancy numbers really brings something plain John (<- I didn’t feel that Jane would be appropriate here) into stylish “oh hey boy you got styles for miles” look. Best part, these pocket squares don’t necessarily need to be worn with a typical suit, dress shirt and tie. Why not with a t-shirt and a blazer? Why not friends? It adds some pizzaz and color where it could be used and best part, if it doesn’t match it looks even trendier. Lurving the look! Lurving!

So ladies, fancy giving a gift? Throw a square in his pocket!

Heart, star.

Source: thefancy.com via Leigh on Pinterest

Source: lovelybride.com via Amy on Pinterest

Source: guerreisms.com via Sam on Pinterest

Source: via Joanne on Pinterest

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