Shiny Hinys!


Happy Friday!!!

This one I hold close to my heart.  As you’ve noticed, I’m a fan of fancy pants.  I do have a closet of pants that are a tad bit out of the ordinary.  With my fashion side of my heartsy I feel that pants can always spice up the plainest outfits. Don’t know what to wear? No problem, throw on fancy pants and a plain white shirt, some heels and you are good to go. So obviously I am loving this new trend that’s come around, METALLIC FEVA’! I do have shiny pants (American Apparel high waisted leggings, to be exact) but not the right ones quite yet. But still funzy!   

I’ve been wasting so much time to find word that rhymes with metallic and it just isn’t happening. So fun cutesy patotesy liner this time. Oh shucks!

Heart, star.

Lets paint the city shiny with you tiny little hiny! YES, got it! Not the best, but it will do!

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