Obviously I was on cloud 900 on Sunday when Oprah was talking to my main lady RiRi. The interview was so deep and real I had to PVR it, who wouldn’t?!?!? Repeat repeat repeat.

I’m not going to get too cheesy, but if you haven’t seen it yet… I would jump on that barbadosian cowgirl asap! I’m sure OWN will be playing it a lot for the next little while. Robyn Fenty (RiRi’s real name – yup i’m a tad bit obsessed) shows her true colors, expresses some deep in the heart, like every deep corner feeling and my fav part; when she takes you back to her city and we see the way she interacts with everyone. No one calls here by her stage name, and it’s like she never left. You can’t make them any better than that. Sigh.

The love has grown more. It was bound to happen!

Heart, star.

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