Here kitty kitty…


Common question: Where do I get my inspiration from?

Pretty simple actually, fashion shows. Street fashion to be exact. Hence by obsession with the Sartorialist. I love when you see random people put things together and think humpfgh… I would’ve never thought of that. Hence why New York was a dream come true for me, it was like walking through the set of Sex and the City all day and night. It was basically WABAAM IDEA, BOOYAKAH IDEA, WOOPAA IDEA!

Now days when I’m feeling a little risky and cray cray, I have a looksy at Tokyo Street Fashion. It is a little amazingly fabulous and sometimes intense, but I LOVE IT! Its just so perfect looking.

Like the kitty purse, come on! Here kitty kitty…

Heart, star.


Source: via Esa on Pinterest

Source: via Paige on Pinterest

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  1. I am speechless! 1st of all great post, amazing photos, love the pink hair girl and the last one and all the styles of the others. So bold, feminine, playful! And I so agree with the inspiration:) i am always asked the same Q and I agree: street style is the best place to get inspired. regular people have fantastic ideas and it’s amazing to watch them get creative! And NY…OMG! I’m going there next year and can’t wait! Fantastic post:) xoxo

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