Well I know i’ve been a tad bit MIA lately, truth be told i’ve been super busy with work and WORKING OUT! Yup I said it!  Getting my heart beat going, breaking a sweat and making some abs of steal.  I’m about 2.5-3 weeks in now… so far i’ve lost 7 pounds and going strong friends.  Feeling great, eating healthy and dancing around for fun, because we should all be jumping for joy cause life is a funtastic place!  I’m super hyper, lol!

Well today’s topic, with my tad bit of weight loss, i’ve noticed the cheeky cheek bones coming out and I have been accenting those bad boys like no tomorrow.  I have been using this trick for years and today I thought it was time to share.  My key, use whatever you have!  My base is always the MAC bronzing powder, smile at yourself, apply on the apple of your cheeks (like we’ve all seen our mommas do before) and then… here’s the trick… take any blush or eye shadow with a pinky gold ting (I used MAC Rivera Rose, its an oldy) and sweep across the top of your cheeks.  The goldy pink picks up any and every light. Hotness! OHHH HAY, here comes Mrs. Cheeky!

Heart, star.

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  1. sonia says:

    I love it great tip

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