I have found yet another addiction, or as my hubby would say, “my new phase”!  Hopefully this is my last relapse…

I was loving the ombre look that I had going on, BUT it wasn’t the color I was originally aiming for. So I thought I would try one more time. The fact that it is sooo easy to do, just make it that much more funzy to try! Here’s the link from my original post, if you get tempted like me AGAIN! https://paritatime.com/2012/08/04/diy-ombre-i-finally-did-it/

And BADDA-BING BADDA-BOOM I got it! Now when I originally dried my hair once it was dyed, I had a minor heart attack. First thing I though, oh nelly my momma’s gonna kill me. But once I styled it a bit (doesn’t need too much, and I’m a big fan of the messy look) I was loving my little heart out.

One thing I would like to put out there though, obviously too much bleach is not fantastic for your hair so it’s important to give it some extra love and attention. Mothers tip: every night before I hit the sack I condition my ends with BioSilk – a weightless, leave-in silk replenishing and reconstructing treatment to repair, smooth and protect all hair types. <~ from the site!  http://www.farouk.com/Biosilk/  I’ve noticed so far that it is working like a charm. My hair has life after two bleach sessions! The texture is a little oily, hence why I put it on at night. This way my teeny weeny hairs can soak up all the goodness and I don’t look like a walking oil ball all day long.

Heart, star.

By Parita, the girl with the ombre hair! J


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