I am an Artist! Swing it Baby!

Walking the downtown street of Toronto, you really do get to see some Amaze Balls style. People sometimes working the most random get ups, but walking with so much confidence that you think umm umm um that look is extra fab! So obviously I saw someone today, and let me tell you… this lady was working it! I was so tempted to snap my fingers and yell “you go girl!” Apparently there’s a theme this week, a tad bit olderish women. Confident women. Women who believe in having fun and enjoying life. Me likey!

I found this uber, wow oh nelly I love it, looks on Pinterest, that I just had to share! Each one of these women below are rockin’ it! This just shows you, no matter how young or old you are, you are your imaginations canvas! You are an artist. Paint yourself everyday with something new, something funzy, something bold, something colorful, something not normal! The video below spells it out perfectly! The lovely Ilona Royce Smithken, is a little cray cray but in the best possible way ever. I never thought in a million years that I would take fashion advice from a 90 year old women, but I DID! We decide fashion, ladies and gents! Let us decide what’s hot and what’s not! This is it! I feel it! I sound nuts, I know. But I truly believe I can’t and shouldn’t buy green bananas anymore. (That’ll make sense once you watch the video)

Swing it baby.

Heart, star.

Source: google.com.au via Ellie on Pinterest

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