The hubba hubba and I went to The Ex two weekends ago and it was a blast. Now here’s the kicker… I am scared for my life to ever dare to try a ride, so it’s more of an experience for the games, the people, the food and of course those little cute shops. This year the shops had these uber sensational and magical t-shirts that had the cutest little 3D animal faces on them. As soon as I turned the corner, I saw a cute little kitty tee that was just staring at me and made my heart melt. Then the hubster and I looked at eachother and thought, will I REALLY wear this?

Cue the cutesy paatotesy pug, chihuahua, black kitty, white kitty ohhh my! I didn’t know how to deal!!!

I wanted everything, I got so overwhelmed that I just walked away. Two weeks later I can’t stop thinking about the white kitty and pug. I should’ve go it, I knew it! So the internet search started last night, and WABAAM I hunted them down. Check em out!  http://shop.themountain.me/categories/Big-Face-Animals/

 Addiction central. MEOW!

 Heart, star.



Source: fab.com via Miranda on Pinterest

Source: petflow.com via Celia on Pinterest

Source: petflow.com via Belinda on Pinterest

Source: petflow.com via Shawn on Pinterest

Source: fab.com via H. on Pinterest


Source: petflow.com via Rebecca on Pinterest



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