Nude-ify Them!

We all have those days where we wish we could let our bodies and souls live nude and free, obviously in this day and age… not so easy. But if you can’t be fair to your body, be fair to your lips! Nude-ify them! That sounds like it should be a commercial. WO-AH!

This has been my all time favorite look for the last two years, hands down. I would definitely call this the ultimate timeless makeup look. I actually rocked it at our wedding reception as well. It makes your lips look bigger, goes with every look and best of all, it looks effortless. Example: my picture above from my modeling days. One of my favs! If only I could wake up every morning looking like that.

Below are my MAC go to Nudes you have to check out:

  1. Blankety
  2. Crème D’Nude
  3. Velvet Teddy

Heart, star.


Source: via Haley on Pinterest

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