Eh Russell!

This weekend hubba hubba and I went on little vacay to Windsor, Ontario. This was a first for both of us and we didn’t know what to expect from the four hour commute we had in store. Let me tell you, we were plesantly surprised. It is a beautiful drive up. So many open fields, lots and lits of windmills and greenery galore. The fall would be even prettier for sure, I would say probably like driving through a perfect painting. Yup, for sure! So after lots of singing, dancing and deep full hearted and ridiculous conversations in the car we had reached our destination!

Hotel was a absolute success (newly renovated Hilton suite that over looks the Detroit River that was steps away and the best part while we were lying in bed the windows were so big abd low that you could see everything… I would like to say it was like a movie!) and Windsor itself is a beautiful city! Aesthetically gorgeous, super nice people, casino = amazing, so much funzy!

Then, oh nelly we went to see Russell Peters! Three words for you… Dying of laughter! There were no recycled jokes and honestly about 20 minutes in our faces were hurting because we couldn’t stop laughing. Wowsers show and I honestly recommend it to everyone!!!!! Yowsers! All I can say is Prem Lalchudhi. <~ if you have been to his Notorious tour, you'll get it.

Oh Mondays. Here we go again. To another week!!!!

Heart, star.




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