Are Fanny Packs Back?

Fanny Packs are one of those things that have been coming in and out of style for years.  The other day I was doing some vintage shopping or consignment shopping (makes it sound so much more fancy shmancy) and came across a gold ohhh hayyyyyyyy fanny pack.  I stood there and pondered for sometime, staring, imagining different outfits, thinking to myself “how would Carrie Bradshaw rock this?”  I was on the fence, climbed almost over them jumped back again.  I couldn’t help but think of an ugh man with a gross beer belly strapping it on… so I thought homework may be required.

After the pictures below… I think its pretty obvious which way I’ll be swaying.  I like the sexy, just draped on my hip, oh hay its just my fanny look.  Still don’t think the gold is for me, but I definitely think i’ll be getting me some hip swagga asapa-sapa!


Heart, star.

Source: via Sammy on Pinterest

Source: via Britt on Pinterest

Source: via Kate on Pinterest

Source: via Lana on Pinterest

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