A Lost Prince

I truly believe everything happens for a reason. Yesterday my hubby and I flew into Winnipeg to visit my parents. I came in the morning, hubster at night. The minute I flew in, my parents and I got into a conversation about getting them a fluffy little companion for home. Immediately we started the search online. Called some Manitiban breeders and made some appts for the weekend. My moms instincts were to head to the humane society. It broke our heart to see such beautiful dogs abandoned but unfortunately they were just too big for us. We came back home and knew that we needed a new addition to our family. Now we just needed to find him.

On the way home from the airport from picking up hubba bubba, while on the highway we saw this little man trying to cross the highway. Super lost, confused and scared. Now with this road being semi central, we couldn’t leave him. Our heart wouldn’t let us. Hubster, picked him up and brought him in our car where he instantly fell asleep on my moms lap. Not a bark, not a sound. After calling a help line yesterday and registering this lost doggie, we brought him home, fed him and had a sleepover. He slept on the sofa, wrapped in a blanket. Cuddle time. Two words, picture perfect. He’s precious.

Now… We had to part. Probably one of my saddest moments yet. Even though we had such a short time, he was just sooo loving, quiet and affectionate. My heart misses him already. Sounds nuts, I know! My dad and hubs have gone to try to find his owners. If any of my Winnipeg followers recognize him from the pictures below, please reach out immediately.

What a crazy day. We couldn’t find a doggie, but a doggie found us.


Heart, star.







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