There’s no place like home!

So I came back from Winnipeg on Monday and boy oh boy was it hard. I think this is the longest I’ve been home in a very long time. I actually had a full five days with my parents. Obviously it never feels long enough, but this time me and hubba bubba had some much needed and appreciated quality time. And best part, there was a double whammy my BFF/sister and I, were able to work it out where we were in town at the exact same time. I honestly miss my sweet sweet Vanessa like crazy, so this time with her was excellenta! Family time galore all weekend long! From comedy clubs, to fancy dinners, to horse tracks and doggie expeditions, we were busy every minute of the day. But honestly just seeing their faces made all the difference in the world. Family is where the heart is my cheesy friends.

Then to top it off, Mom and Dad have done such an amazing job decorating the house that the minute you step foot inside… it feels like a sanctuary. With candles and salt lamps softly lighting up each room, it truly is relaxation central. Can you imagine how much starfishing was done? Ahhhhhhhhhh

Besides the cutesy patootesy dog night, we made new/funny/crazy/silly/emotional memories every night. Learnt how to cook some new dishes, got a lot of hugs and canoodling in and most importantly just got to be in the presence of my parents. I miss them already, une crappy <~ that’s french for crappy.

Heart, star, tear.

P.S Our newly renovated Winnipeg Airport is BEAUTIFUL now!!!! Hellllooo blue lights!

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