What’s your story?!? ~ INSPIRE!!!

While leaving the Winnipeg airport on Monday, I saw this beautifully dressed lady wearing a bright pink sari, gold bangles, silver rings galore and a neck decorated with the most antique and gorgeous necklaces. Now her husband was wearing this bright purple shirt and a smile that was shining bright. Obviously I was drawn by their bold fashion sense. I looked from afar, but after we had checked in and we were waiting at the gate I knew I had to have a conversation with her and her husband. So I began walking the airport looking for them. When I did spot Bonnie and Fred Cappuccino, I walked over like a little girl that had just seen Santa Claus. I was drawn. I was greeted with a warm welcome and instantaneously began to ramble off questions, grabbed a seat and made myself comfortable. And with a calm and pleasant nature, they were happy to answer them all. What I learnt in my conversation – I was sitting across two earth Angels. Two people, who have dedicated their life to help others.

The two links below are a must to watch! But here’s the Coles notes, which do not do justice. Two loves married, had two children and decided to adopt. Started with one, two and at the end the final count was nineteen children. TOTAL CHILDREN RAISED UNDER ONE ROOF = 21!!!! Bonnie was a person who knew she was put on this earth to help. But after raising twenty one children, she knew she was capable of more. A project that has now been going on since 1985 to this very day, both Fred and Bonnie have open 8 orphanages in India, Bangladesh and Nepal. They are currently

assisting 1100 children and women in developing countries, who are in need of food, education, health care, shelter and clothing, emotional and moral support. AMAZING! AND I MET THEM!!!!!

You need to watch the videos, good bumps galore!

Now I sit here thinking, what am I doing to make a difference? This has lit a spark in me.

When someone asks me, “what’s my story?” I want the answer to be something inspiring! Lets inspire people friends!

Heart, star.

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